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We are not your average recruiting marketing & recruiting event promotions company. Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field- marketing, sales, graphics design & project management. Our upper management all have a TV & Print media management background in event planning & marketing.

We are dedicated to helping your company leverage your recruiting power and help you problem solve!

Eventures Promotions LLC, the parent of, offers the unique blend of marketing, event planning and graphics design. Please click the link below to visit our Graphics Portfolio page. Let Eventures Promotions help you design your next marketing campaign!

May 17th, 2018 Odessa, TX  1,400+ Job Seekers

We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always choose us for your recruiting & marketing needs. Our Job Fairs are more than just recruiting! They offer valuable networking opportunities, sales leads, brand marketing and more!


April 2017 Midland, TX  1,200+ Job Seekers

Networking is one of the most valuable tools whether you are searching for a job or you are a recruiter! The community as a whole use our events to network with community business leaders, recruiters, sales, branding and finding their career of a lifetime!

We pride ourselves in being a community partner with countless industries & businesses! Thank you to:     West Texas Radio Group, Domino's Pizza, Roseland Oil & Gas, Workforce Permian Basin and countless others!

Helpful tips for the best Job Fair event recruiting turnout!

Consider these:
•Do you use eye contact with Job Seekers, as they walk by? (Lack of eye contact signals disinterest)
•Do you appear ready to talk or recruit? Looking/acting busy deters most job seekers (being on phone/laptop)
•Standing behind the table vs standing in front (open to conversations and interaction)
•Do you have positive and approachable body language? Not smiling or crossed arms is negative body language and is a deterrent.
•Are you proactive and call out to individuals walking by and invite them to visit?  (Don't assume they will/should come to you)
• Be able to answer industry related questions immediately by having the department heads or managers present.
•Consider bringing your HR, on-site drug testing & display equipment at the event. •Lack of marketing materials- flyers, banners, business cards (Our professional graphics department can help with that!

Recruiting is a sales job & you are selling intangible products. You have to sell yourself, your company & the position, so get creative & motivated! The best sales people are inviting & outgoing!!

Call us for help recruiting! We create & host Job Fairs across the US- both large scale & independent events. We also offer recruiting marketing for your company. Our Odessa Job Fair on May 17th had 1,400+ Job Seekers with ALL types of backgrounds. For additional info visit our website at

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