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March 27th & 28th, 2019

10am till 3pm

Midland County Horseshoe Arena

2541 Arena Trail

Some companies will attend both days; others will attend only one.

Companies Registered Like:

West Texas Radio Group- Sponsor! Attending 3-27th

Sunbelt Rentals- Sponsor! Attending 3-27/28th

Well Master Attending 3-27th

Sunoco Energy Attending 3-27th

Atlas Sand Attending 3-27th

Penske Attending 3-27/28th

Anchor USA Attending 3-27/28th

Core Laboratories Attending 3-27th

Hillstone Environmental Attending 3-28th

Action Career Truck Driving Attending 3-28th

DPS Attending 3-27th

Orrex Plastics Attending 3-27th

Dexter AFS Attending 3-27/28th

Frac Tank Rentals Attending 3-27/28th

Reece Albert Attending 3-27/28th

Tutle & Tutle Trucking Attending 3-27/28th

United Rental Fluid Services Attending 3-27/28th

Colorado River Municipal Water District Attending 3/28th

Permian Basin Workforce Attending 3-27/28th

Onsite Recruiting Attending 3-27th

EnergiPersonnel Attending 3-27/28th

Blakley Construction Attending 3-27/28th

SES Global Attending 3-27/28th

Onyx Construction  Attending 3-28th

Terra Oilfield Attending 3-28th

Advanced Stimulation Technologies Attending 3-27th

Safety Solutions Attending 3-27th

Snelling Staffing Attending 3-27/28th

RHC Midcon Attending 3-27th

Ace Completions Attending 3-27/28th

Ascent Geomatics Solutions Attending 3-27th

Amerus Oilfield Services Attending 3- 27/28th

Oncor Electric- Attending 3-27/28th

Bergalia Companies Attending 3-27/28th

Wayne Enterprises Attending 3-27th

Republic Services Attending 3-27th

ASCO Equipment Attending 3-27th

5J Trucking Attending 3-27/28th

CIG Logistics Attending 3-27/28th

At&t  Attending 3-28th

Rextac Attending 3-27th

Key Energy Services Attending 3-27/28th

CP Energy Attending 3-27/28th

AES Drilling Fluids Attending 3-27th

Express Pros Attending 3-27th

JW Powerline Attending 3-27/28th

Chemoil Energy Attending 3-27/28th

and more not listed yet! We continue to sign up new companies daily so keep checking back for an updated list.

(Changes to companies attending and dates of attendance may happen without notice. Eventures Promotions LLC/ is not responsible for registered companies attendance, hiring policies or requirements)

Pecos, TX

Wednesday, April 17th

Reeves County Civic Center

1520 S. Cedar St

10am till 3pm

Odessa, TX

San Angelo, TX

El Paso, TX

Please read the FAQ list for frequently asked questions. Here are a few:

Am I guaranteed a job, if I go to the Job Fair?

No! We get this questions daily. This is an meet & greet and possible interview and hire on the spot opportunity with various companies. Just like ANY job application, meet & greet or interview, the right candidate will be selected by the companies. Each company has their own hiring policies, procedures and requirements for hiring. Promotions LLC does NOT hire anyone and is not responsible for you being hired or not. We simply hold the event for you to visit with recruiters.  It is up to the Job Seeker to present themselves appropriately to the companies.

Are these companies guaranteed to hire people on the spot?

No!  Various companies do hire people on the spot at the Job Fairs, IF they are the right person for the job BUT it is up to the discretion of the individual company if they hire a specific person on the spot. They are not required to hire anyone immediately. Some companies have procedures they must follow such as: Online applications to meet their corporate requirements and STATE LAW!  Other companies can hire immediately but it depends on how their company is structured and their internal rules.

Will all the companies advertised be at the event?

These companies have registered to attend and paid/invoiced to attend the event but illnesses and scheduling issues do happen outside of our control. We can not guarantee that each company will attend; it is the individual companies responsibility to attend once they register. If the company notifies us of a cancellation or change, we try to update the list accordingly, if we have ample time. Please keep checking the list for updates. On the two day Job Fairs- some companies only come one day or only come the second day.

Do you have to have a CDL A to get hired?

No! Many companies hire for numerous positions not just CDL A.  Simply ask the companies what NON-CDL positions they have open. We also have a list available at the front entry that lists who is hiring for what positions. These lists can and do change rapidly without notice because positions fill up quickly!

We see people who walk around, never speak to anyone, assume that companies are only hiring for one type of position and then leave. Job Fairs are set up for job seekers to speak to recruiters, ask questions and ask recruiters about what positions they offer. Many times, these recruiters are national recruiters and have a HUGE amount of positions open but are focusing on specific ones at the Job Fair. Simply talk with them and see what they have to offer. You might be amazed.

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