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Our Recruitment Marketing helps your internal recruiting teams attract and source job candidates to convert into applicants. We provide the in depth marketing so your recruitment team has one less thing to worry about! JobFairsNow Recruitment Marketing offers a variety of features to facilitate recruiting marketing efforts including: social & web recruiting with our huge 60,000 member following, candidate relationship management, radio spots specifically for your company and other unique marketing strategies.  Organizations use recruitment marketing platforms to market job openings, engage with candidates, nurture their interest by interacting & answering questions, and seek the submission of applications. Our Recruitment Marketing are traditionally used along side an existing HR manager or department and used by internal recruiters to build talent pipelines. These platforms enable users to treat candidates as “leads”, qualifying them in a similar manner as leads in sales operations. Organizations can use recruitment marketing to increase the volume and quality of applicant at either a live stand along event(s) or a continuous steam of applicants. 

Here is how it works:

We market an exclusive job fair for your company. You pick the date, location, you arrive to work the event. We work in the background, run specific ads in various forms of advertising (like our larger events). We run heavy on social media, groups that we own, website & other groups (ours has approximately 60,000 followers!), radio and other unique marketing platforms. In the event that you don't have a Facebook page, we create you one and help draw traffic to it (or traffic to an existing one). JobFairsNow also creates you flyers and ads for your website, Facebook and to spread out, as needed. We take the flyers to the local workforce's, veterans assistance programs and other places that help us distribute info.

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JobFairsNow, owned by Eventures Promotions LLC, has a steady pulse on the marketing and advertising industries in the U.S. and we consistently deliver highly-talented, game-changing professionals. Currently, our company is followed by around 60,000 individuals and giving us a "in" across the U.S.

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