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ABOUT Oil & Gas Conventions!
We offer you more than just space on a trade show floor!

Innovation and technological improvements such as directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing have led to the resurgence of U.S. Oil and Gas production over the past several years. We currently face economic pressure in our industry but this same spirit of innovation will lead to the efficiency required to overcome present challenges.

Does your company offer the service or product that will create a competitive advantage in the industry? Do you want to let the rest of the industry know who you are and what you have to offer? Roseland can give you a more complete marketing solution because with us you get more than simply square footage on a trade show floor.

We can provide you added exposure through:
– Our Exhibitor Product/Service marketing campaigns
– Directory distributed to Exhibitors & Attendees at each convention.
– Newsletter distributed to subscription base of 42,000+
– E-Blast distributed to subscription base of 50,000+
– Website exposure (avg. 7K hits/day)
– Golf Tournaments
– No freight handling charges

We promote our events with attendees in mind. We don’t simply sell space in the show and hope people show up, we focus on the products and services that can be found at the show. Our goal is to provide the attendee with a REASON to want to be there by advertising YOUR products and services. We put BUYERS and SELLERS together.

 ~Roseland Oil & Gas

Please Note: This form REGISTERS you for our events as a business vendor. You will be invoiced for registering upon completion & submission of this form- regardless if you attend the event you registered for. Eventures Promotions offers a 2 week cancellation policy prior to an event and PRIOR to advertising starting for an event. No refunds will be issued- only transfers to other events. If you have questions, please call

432-889-9107 before registering. Thank You!


Process to Register for an event as a company:

  1. Please fill out the form to the right or call/email us for a digital registration form. Once we receive your registration form we will email you confirming that we have received the form. You are not automatically registered!
  2. You will receive a digital invoice via email. You can pay directly on the invoice (Chase Processing) or print & send to your accounting department for check payment. We accept most credit cards & checks
  3. A week prior to the event you will receive an information packet via email from This packet will contain your set up times & other important information.

Once you are registered you are responsible  for paying for your booth reservation regardless if you attend the event! Deadline for cancellation is 2 weeks prior to the event, in writing, to not be billed and transfer of reservation. Transfer of events will be implemented instead of credits. No refunds on unused lunch portions. *Wifi & Electricity where available. Dates, locations & times are subject to change.

JOB FAIR Booth Packages Available